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Laksa... For Breakfast? Show Me How

Darwin has adopted South East Asia’s laksa noodle soup as its own – and we couldn’t be happier. But did you know that it’s traditionally eaten as a breakfast food?


In the video below, our very own 2016 NT Local Hero and incredible chef David Taylor joins forces with mental health advocate Malia Ford to walk you through making your own laksa at home. And you better believe they’ll do their very best to convince you it’s the perfect leisurely Australia Day breakfast.


Darwin Style Chicken Laksa


Soup stock:

200g laksa paste

1 litre chicken or veggie stock (up to you!)

1 x diced onion

2 tins coconut milk

Fish sauce

Palm sugar to taste

Add ins:

500g chicken thigh fillet cut into bite sized pieces

Ready fried tofu cubes, cut in half

Rice noodles (thin round) 

Flat noodles (egg or rice)


Chopped spring onion greens

Bean shoots fresh

Fried red onion

Fresh chilli slices


Grab a stock pot, or just your biggest most favourite pot. Fry the onions in there and the paste, until onions start soften. Add a little stock (not all of it!) and cook until you can almost taste that laksa fragrance. Add the rest of the stock, coconut milk and bring it all to a boil.  Now get the chicken in and simmer gently for 10-15 minutes or until chicken is cooked through. Chicken done? Add the tofu to start soaking up those yummy flavours.


Get your noodles ready! Soak ‘em in boiled water until soft and then toss them into each serving bowl. First noodles, then your soup – to minimise splashback.

To serve:  

Lovingly ladle the finished soup over the noodles in each bowl like the master chef that you are.  Garnish and plate up with spring onion, bean sprouts and top it all off with fried red onion and fresh sliced red chilli for some Australia Day breakfast zing.

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