This year...

Unreal Australia Day ideas inspired by our big, beautiful, diverse country.

Taste Something Australian

Whether you’re sharing it with family, mates or going solo – food is something that connects each and every one of us. Being one of the world’s most multicultural nations means Australia has more than its fair share of delicious dishes and fantastic fusions. Explore this section to learn more and make your own.

Hear Something Australian

Need a playlist this Australia Day? Want to find out how local acts are using their audio arts to bring people together and create the sounds of Australia? Look no further. This section is all about hearing the voices of Aussie artists and exploring our mixed musical heritage.


Australia is one big cultural mash-up and Australia Day is the perfect opportunity to reflect, respect and celebrate that. ​

You can delve into our incredible Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history or explore the stories of the migrants and what they’ve brought to our shores over the last few hundred years. There’s trivia to try, art to uncover, and events to take part in. Why not do all of it?​

Australia’s cultural make-up is endlessly varied and infinitely fascinating. Hit up this section to discover more.​

What does it mean to be Australian?

Sport is a huge part of who we are as Australians. Whether you prefer to get onto the field and into the action, or shout for your favourite player to “GET THE BALL!” from the sidelines, it’s all in good fun. If you’re looking for something a bit more active this Australia Day, this is the section for you.


See those words up there? That’s what Australia Day is all about. You might choose to pause and reflect on our history – both difficult and beautiful. Perhaps you’ll show your respect by attending a ceremony, or trying something new. Maybe you’ll celebrate with some great friends and great tunes! Whether you choose to reflect, respect, celebrate or do all three on Australia Day – you’re contributing to our story. The story of Australia.
And that’s doing something Australian.