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Have you ever heard the leaf? Every time the wind blows through the trees, you’re hearing the sound of hundreds of potential instruments all rustling together at once. But the thing is, the wind doesn’t quite have the right technique to bring the gum-leaf to its full potential. Read on.

Rich in cultural cross-over, the leaf has been used as an instrument by many people: from China, to Ecuador, Cambodia and Mexico. Here in Australia though, it’s the gum-leaf that has been played by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and intrepid instrumentalists alike. Researchers speculate that in the past it may have initially been used by hunters mimicking birdcall before being put to more melodic purpose.

Keen to try it out for yourself? Try our easy to follow (but tough to master!) instructions below to get started.

Disclaimer: While fun to play, gum leaves have toxic properties when ingested and should not be eaten by humans. Koala food only!

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