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Know our sound?

There’s nothing more Australian than the ancient pastime of the pub quiz. Test your mettle and Aussie music knowledge, battle it out for trivia supremacy and walk away with the ultimate prize, bragging rights. Just warning you, this one is tough as.

Round One

Q1: A former politician and activist was the lead singer of which famous Australian band?


Q2: Jessica Mauboy was the runner up on which season of Australian Idol?


Q3: In 2003, the NRL reunited which band to re-record their hit song with new, footy-related lyrics?


Q4: The band Cold Chisel formed in 1973 in which city?


Q5: In what year was Kylie Minogue cast in the television show, Neighbours?


Q6: Adam Hyde and Reuben Styles are the two halves of the duo named after which Chinese meal?


Q7: Nick Murphy’s stage name pays homage to which jazz musician?


Q8: “Now and then I think of when we were together” is the opening line of a hit song by which Australian artist?


Q9: Genesis Owusu won ARIA Album of the Year for which of his releases?


Q10: Stay, Thousand Miles and WITHOUT YOU are singles by which popular Australian artist?


Q1: The lead singer of Men at Work, Colin Hay, was born in the city of Melbourne.


Q2: King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard once released five studio albums in the same year.


Q3: Newcastle-born Daniel Johns has two brothers who played for the Knights in 1997 NRL Grand Final


Q4: Delta Goodrem appears as a coach on the music television program, The Voice.


Q5: John Farnham is considered “Australia’s Greatest Singer.”


Q6: “The Less I Know the Better” is Tame Impala’s longest song.


Q7: Vance Joy played in the Victorian Football League (VFL) as an award-winning defender.


Q8: As their final performance, INXS opened for Matchbox Twenty at their concert in Perth.


Q9: Keith Urban was born in Caboolture, Queensland.


Q10: Shannon Noll should have won the inaugural Australian Idol


Q1: Which famous guitarist is known for wearing his signature school-boy uniform on stage?


Q2: In what year were the Bee Gees inducted into the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame?


Q3: Australian Crawl’s “The Boys Light Up” uses the word “Dorseted” to refer to which hotel in Croydon?


Q4: Which Crowded House song did James Blunt cover in 2005?


Q5: “That’s the way it’s gonna be, little darlin’” begins the chorus of which classic Aussie track?


Q6: Cold Chisel’s “Khe Sanh” relates to what event in world history?


Q7: “Frontier Psychiatrist” is a song from which electronic music group?


Q8: Harley Edward Streten is better known by his stage name, __________.


Q9: Slim Dusty’s “A Pub with No Beer” is about which Queensland pub?


Q10: Men at Work’s Colin Hay is the uncle of which Australian pop star?


A1: Midnight Oil (Peter Garrett)

A2: Season Four (2006)

A3: Hoodoo Gurus (That’s my team)

A4: Adelaide

A5: 1986

A6: Peking Duck

A7: Chet Baker

A8: Gotye (Somebody that I Used to Know)

A9: Smiling with no teeth

A10: The Kid LAROI


A1: False, he is from Scotland

A2: True

A3: False, he is not related to the 8th Immortal nor the bloke with the toupee on Fox League.

A4: False

A5: True

A6: False, their longest song is “Let It Happen”

A7: True

A8: True

A9: False, Keith Urban is originally from New Zealand. How about that?

A10: False, Guy Sebastian clearly deserved the win


A1: Angus Young (AC/DC)

A2: 1997

A3: Dorset Gardens

A4: Fall at your feet

A5: The Horses – Daryl Braithwaite.

A6: The Vietnam War

A7: The Avalanches

A8: Flume

A9: Lees Hotel in Ingham, Queensland

A10: Sia

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