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When we think about modern Australia, it can be hard to define. Our land is so wide, encompassing and multicultural that the idea of settling into a single style becomes a matter of preference. If you’re bringing music into the equation, it gets more complicated again.

So, to help us understand and enjoy the sounds of modern Australia, we created a few playlists with the help of some Australian of the Year State and Territory recipients.

Whether you want the sounds of today, the all-time hits, something in the background for the BBQ or something to sing and dance to – it’s all covered.

Can’t decide on a playlist? Well, luckily we’ve also got a mega mix for you. Scroll down and you’ll see.

Aussie-Made Modern

All the Australian artists we’ve been grooving to over the last few years.

All-time Straya Throwbacks

The greatest Aussie tracks of all time. How many of these do you know?

Great Southern Land Soothers

Sometimes all you want is a chill Australia Day. Here are the tracks you can keep cool with.

True Blue Tunes

Down for a dance? Got something to sing about? This is your collection of the best anthems.

Essential Tong Clinkers

Aussie tracks for gathering around the BBQ and cooking along to the vibe.

The Big Aussie Playlist​

Australia wouldn’t be Australia without its iconic big things. Introducing the Big Aussie Playlist, the perfect combination of the best from the playlists above.​

Want to hear more this Australia Day?