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Looking to try something new and delicious on Australia Day? Check out these unique creations that show off masterful multicultural contributions to modern Australian food culture.

Pho Sure

From Marrickville to Footscray, Australia’s vibrant Vietnamese communities are serving up something we can all share, the rich and hearty noodle soup known as pho.

Pho arrived in Australia in 1975 with Vietnamese refugees and since then has taken on a life of its own, adapting to local conditions. While beef is plentiful in Australia, the herbs were harder to find so the pho we enjoy in Australia became more reminiscent of pho bac from North Vietnam, with less emphasis on elaborate garnish and more on the rich meaty broth itself. In another twist, Australian pho has evolved to be sweeter, in the style of southern Vietnam, even Thailand.

Dim Sim – a happy accident made in Melbourne, Australia

Born out of a friendship between a son delivering dumplings for his father’s Chinese restaurant, and a Greek fish and chip shop owner who both skived off and went fishing. On their return, they deep fried the dumplings they had with them as it was the only way to warm them up in a fish and chip shop. And so, the dim sim was born. A true emblem of our multicultural society. What better way to celebrate Australia Day.

From North to South

The first immigrants from India to Australia came from Northern India, and it is their pioneering efforts that shaped our understanding of Indian food. Think tandoori chicken or butter naan. And while these steadfast favourites will always remain, Indian food is undergoing a bit of a renaissance all around Australia, becoming incredibly varied and more representative of India’s many regions. So, taste something Australian this Australia Day and try some dosas, chaats or pani puri.

From Milk Bars to Spanakopita

The classic Australian milk bar was invented by Greek immigrants as early as 1932, introducing Australians to American style foods like mixed grills, milkshakes, sodas and sundaes. As milk bars become a thing of the past, Greek restaurants continue to have a huge impact on how we eat, introducing Australians to a whole new range of traditional delights. Whether you’re in Brunswick or the Gold Coast why not head out this Australia Day and try some dolmades or galatoboureko. And maybe grab a vanilla malt milkshake. It’s an Australian tradition older than your grandparents.

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